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Investment opportunity: Enabling optimised Water Management through wireless soil moisture sensors

Our client, a Dutch Startup looking for growth financing, is enabling optimal Water Management through wireless soil moisture sensors. They are in the heart of IoT developments and a market leader in their sectors.

On behalf of our client we are making an initial inventory of potential investors, strategic partners and/or other financiers (and their conditions). Crossings Capital is a specialist in capital raising (and capital restructuring) for the (High-Tech) Industries, including Aerospace and Medical Technology.

On request, you can obtain a more detailed financing memorandum. The objective of this memorandum is to establish an initial inventory of potential investors, strategic partners and/or other financiers (and their conditions).

Headlines of the financing memorandum:

  • Our client is a next-stage IoT company in wireless soil moisture sensors, led by experienced entrepreneurs (and an established team), who recognize the opportunity in the huge global market for water management solutions (>$500 B) and challenges currently faced by this industry.

  • Our client passed the phase of early stage start-up and is now looking to enter into a (venture funded) growth phase, with:

  • With currently more than 10.000 sensors active in the field in more than 30 countries the company is a leader in the field;

  • An expanding global distribution network of integration partners;

  • A clear focus and a recognized position in three market segments: Agriculture and Horticulture, Smart Cities and Land & Drought Management

  • A built to integrate sensor solution, with a proprietary API platform, with energy efficient hourly measurements and free data included for the first two years;

  • An optimized (patented) design, hammerable for easy (without tools) < 1 min. installation, low cost and robust. Maintenance free sensor solutions with different sizes to always measure moist in the active root zone.

Our client’s current funding requirement is €1,0 million, which it needs to prepare for further global expansion: a) finance working capital, b) expansion of the team, and c) product innovations (e.g. mass production of the next generation sensor, direct to satellite).

For more information and a more detailed financing memorandum, kindly contact

drs. Harry J. Bruintjes RAB RV on +31 (0)6 19407782 or by email

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