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            rossings Capital is an independent Capital Raising Partner. We bridge the chasm between corporations on one side and investors and other financing parties on the other side, both for equity- and debt financing. We can handle your financing process end to end, providing you with tailor made independent financing solutions, taking into account all factors relevant for your business, such as cost of capital, required financial flexibility and optimized equity/debt mix.

Our network extends from all leading local financing institutions and investors to the major international financiers, both equity and debt providers, where we have instant access. As an independent party we are able to provide you with a truly independent view on non-transparent financial markets and it's solutions. Our core activities in raising capital are:

Strategic financing review

Business owners and managers spend a significant amount of their time planning for the future. However, one common oversight is developing the proper plan to secure the right type of financing. As the ability to raise capital becomes increasingly more difficult, businesses are searching for new sources of funding. With a strategic financial review we review and lay out a strategic plan that you may follow in order to increase their success rate in securing (external) capital to fund your operations. One of the objectives of the review is to assist business owners in developing the necessary awareness and know-how in creating the capability to optimize your financial sourcing, now and in the future.

Raising debt and equity capital

We have a proven track record, as an independent advisor, when it comes to raising debt and equity, from senior debt financing, to alternative lending solutions such as mezzanine and unitranche loans, up to structured equity solutions.

Finding the mix of debt and equity financing that yields the best funding at the lowest cost is a basic tenet of any prudent business strategy. To compare different capital structures, the weighted average cost of capital, or WACC is used as one of the relevant factors for comparison.

Next to evaluating the strategic fit of your financial structure, we reach out to our large network of capital providers and negotiate the final term sheet, in order to secure the capital that you need and to ensure that you are well protected in the deal.

Debt Advisory

Making the right funding choice starts with a thorough understanding of your business, your strategy and financing requirements. We advise our clients on their optimal capital structure, maximum debt capacity in combination with the optimal level of cash. Building on this, we provide a choice of funding alternatives for raising debt on the best possible terms, whether it concerns leveraged finance, a corporate refinancing or other debt optimizations. We can help you secure financing so you can continue to build your future.

Acquisitions Finance

Acquisition financing allows you to meet your current acquisition aspirations by providing immediate resources that can be applied to the transaction. In seeking acquisition financing can apply for loans available through traditional banks as well as from lending services that specialize in serving this market. Private lenders may offer loans to those companies that do not meet a bank's requirements. However, a company may find that funding from private lenders includes higher interest rates and fees compared to bank financing. A bank might be more inclined to approve financing if the company to be acquired has a steady stream of revenue, substantial and sustained profits, as well as valuable assets. There are many decisions to make and the process of arranging debt can be time consuming and the rules of the game are different for each instrument. Our team of experts provides you with the required expertise and resources. We take care of the end-to-end process or, if desired, complement your organization. Our extensive network in the financing industry opens the doors to key financial decision makers, ensuring a swift and reliable arranging of your financing whether via traditional channels or alternative financing instruments. 


Would you like to learn how we can support you in optimizing your financing? We’d be happy to connect with you and present our services, no strings attached.

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