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Looking at the Sun

Our Key Markets


Space & Communications

Based on our broad experience in the Space and Communications Sector(s) we have the developed the network with all main players and stakeholders and understand the dynamics in these promising and dynamic markets. We know how to overcome the key challenges of Capital Raising and Capital Restructuring in these markets and how to accelerate processes by selecting the right financial partners.

High Tech

Our deep knowledge and experience related to the latest technology trends and software, hardware and it's applications brought us many insights in and a good understanding of future developments. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drone Technology, Cloud Services and infrastructure, IoT and related related technologies are part of our everyday experience.


Sustainable Investments -Environment, Safety and Governance (ESG)

Capital Raising, and hence Capital Restructuring, for sustainable initiatives is key.  It's a necessity for our planet and global society and an opportunity for transforming companies and industries into a more sustainable model.


Raising Capital to enable the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities can be key to the survival of your business. It can accelerate or enhance the process of moving to a digital business. Our understanding of business models and the impact of digitalization strengthens your story, when raising capital.

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