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Investment opportunity: Enabling continuous autonomous flight for solar powered drones.

Our client is European Startup enabling non-stop autonomous flight for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) by delivering crucial innovative drone technology.

On behalf of our client we are making an initial inventory of potential investors, strategic partners and/or other financiers (and their conditions). Crossings Capital is a specialist in capital raising (and capital restructuring) for the (High-Tech) Industries, including Aerospace and Medical Technology.

Our client is an early-stage drone technology company, led by senior aerospace executives who recognize the huge global adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and challenges currently faced by the drone industry. Specific Intellectual Property (IP) Sets (12 patents) with WIPO recognition for Novelty, Scale and Industrial Application have been developed to address current drone industry challenges, such as:

  • Extended autonomous (non-stop) flight time through a unique integrated renewable energy charging system, using multiple sources of energy beyond solar;

  • Optimized energy management through a controller, configured to monitor the charge level of the energy storage unit, on which basis the controller retracts, expands and directs the solar panel;

  • More efficient energy absorption through utilisation of three disparate energy harvesting mechanisms;

  • Pptimized design to improve weather tolerance and optimize energy storage, allowing for both hovering and high-speed operations.

Early investment into IP recognition and protection has positioned our client to now proceed with execution of a comprehensive strategic plan to monetize its IP (IP licensing over time and across sectors will be the core of the business model).

Our client’s current funding requirement is €9,5 million, which it needs to a) develop software, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support applications in the field, b) protect and extend global patents and c) fund initial license sales and prepare for global expansion.

For more information and a more detailed financing memorandum, kindly contact

drs. Harry J. Bruintjes RAB RV on +31 (0)6 19407782 or through

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