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Testing an investment hypothesis in a specific sector: Sector Thesis Analysis

As part of a sector thesis analysis we procure accurate information on that specific sector. We do this by combining what is already available in the market with our own research.

A market scan performed by our research analysts will provide you with immediate insight in data like the number and type of players, the key variables related to these players, the trends in (future) business models and other specific information that is required for defining an approach for you as an investor to enter the industry. Key to our approach is that we connect you with senior industry (specific) advisors who will be able to guide you through the exploration process, help you to validate your investment thesis and equip you with an informational advantage over competing buyers. Our sister company Crossings People can help to build a network in a specific industry within a very short time frame.

As part of this process we can help in defining the target profile.

As a next step in the validation process we can perform more detailed market analysis to spot particular investment targets based on the defined target profile. We can benchmark based on available data, also involving selected industry advisors.​​

We are continuously on the look-out for good companies to invest in for investors, private equity firms and investment funds. We conduct market and industry analyses for investors to recognize and reconnoiter investment opportunities.

We would be happy to meet you in person and to discuss your specific needs. You can reach us on +31 85 2006244 or on


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