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Peter Schrickel


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      eter lives in Luxembourg, is married and has two daughters. He is fluent in English and German, some Italian, Spanish and Japanese. He loves literature, theatre, music and travelling. He has a dual German and American citizenship.


Professional Background:

  • Extensive financial experience having worked both for banks on Wall Street and corporations in Europe

  • Started as Associated with JP Morgan, and then became Director of the Global Banking Division at Deutsche Bank

  • Switched to the corporate side in 2001 as Head of Risk Management and then Subsidiary Finance at Volkswagen

  • Moved to Luxembourg in 2008 as Group Treasurer at SES, one of the world’s leading satellite operators

  • Chief Financial Officer of LeoSat Enterprises, a satellite networking company



  • MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Augsburg, Germany

  • Board member of AIESEC (Int. Organization of Business Students) in Germany during his studies which brought him his first job in New York

  • Responsibility for multinational clients in Wall Street covered all financial angles, e.g. syndicated loans, providing access to debt and equity markets

  • Structured and project financing including real estate, leasing, asset securitisation

  • Cash management, investments in funds, trusts, etc, including hedging of financial risks 

  • Drafted new group risk management guidelines after WorldCom/Enron for Volkswagen and after Lehman for SES

  • Managing leverage and diversifying funding were key points at SES, i.e. diversified away from the bank markets into commercial paper, bonds, private placements and established access to the 144A US debt markets. He achieved one of the best asset-liability-matches in the industry

  • Broad top management exposure including board meetings, management and audit committees. Former member of the Supervisory Board of VW Poznan, one of VW's largest Eastern European subsidiaries

  • Solid international experience covering US, Europe, Asia at JPM and Deutsche Bank. At VW responsible for funding in Latin America, South Africa, India and China. He structured the financing of the Skoda plant in India and the VW plant in Russia – two of the largest foreign direct investments in both countries to date (Russia over $1bn, India just below $1bn)

  • Global network of relationships with banks, law firms, auditors and tax advisors

  • With a leading role in covering multinational corporates he raised funds well over $100bn in the debt and equity markets for M&A and corporate purposes. corporate syndicated loan volume was $15bn at VW and $2.5bn at SES

  • As a banker he provided asset servicing for the administration of syndicated loans. At VW he assisted the CFO in monitoring and managing the counterparty risks for  investments of $8-$9bn cash position. At SES he was responsible for managing the cash position of $400-$600mln

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