Giulia Tegas

Giulia Tegas

              Solving challenging problems and multiculturality is what fascinates her.
During her second Erasmus, in the Netherlands, she joined Crossings Capital where she develops the business plan and strategic actions to guarantee a successful continuation of the company. 

Born in Italy, she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Global Business Management and Entrepreneurship in Spain. She worked in the USA, volunteered in Brazil, familiarized with the startup environment in a Spanish Startup and did a first Erasmus in Germany while working in the hospitality business. 


She took part in several business competitions and is one of the founders members of the Entrepreneurial and Networking Club of her university where she organizes meetings and extra curricular activities.

Her proactive approach and enthusiasm is what characterize her. Plus, a healthy dose of curiosity and positive attitude towards challenges and people.


She wants to specialize in Sustainable Business Development.